• Kula Lodge Restaurant

Garden Terrace Restaurant

Locally Sourced & Sustainable Al Fresco Dining

The Restaurant is open but the Garden Terrace is closed temporarily.

For an outdoor dining experience like no other, join us on the Garden Terrace. Sample a variety of items from the grill and fresh salads while taking in the expansive panoramic views from the outdoor terrace. Create your own pizza from a variety of toppings. Treat yourself to a glass of local pineapple sparkling wine or our custom-crafted cocktails. Enjoy!

For a panoramic indoor experience of the expansive views of the west Maui mountains and the deep blue sea, sit inside at The Lodge Restaurant & Bar.

Garden Terrace

The outdoor restaurant at the Kula Lodge, Garden Terrace Restaurant, was finished in 1998 and took three years to complete. The rugged nature of the job site dictated that all work be done by hand. The crew dug down to bedrock for the foundation, then placed the existing large stones to create the feeling of a natural rock formation. A water feature at the Garden Terrace forms a series of streams and waterfalls throughout three terrace levels without obstructing the seating and serving access. The plan called for nine dining areas built from brick and stone walls with concrete benches, wooden tables and gazebos. All the bricks for the project came from a demolished building in Honolulu, and the basalt stones were gathered from a beach at Kaupo. Redwood from recycled wine vats was used to build the tables. The gazebos were built from the same material. A centerpiece of the project is the whimsical wood-burning outdoor pizza oven with mosaic-type brickwork.